Happy Halloween

An Interview With A Vampire



Hellooooo Hellloooo Hellloooo
I’m Dr Nobody; This is the address that catapulted me by breaking my beloved window. Note that it is an addition to the bill.

Dr Nobody… The manner you mentioned the day & time in the letter was that you seem to be a future teller when your pet gets sick. I had a hunch it was your animal’s murder.


I have yielded a big bedsheet not for your pets wrap up, merely for your tears. Its quite depressive last year; I lost my darling, my household towels fell short on my tears. I possessed to steal my neighbors rugs drying in his yard.

Somebody… Dr Nobody, please take a seat. I’m grateful you made it did not assume it as a threat call. I wanted to come inside & talk to you personally about this rendezvous, nevertheless, the full lights & In addition, the disco lights prevent me from entering your paradise.

Dr Nobody… We keep the lights on for more positivity; the sun rays induce this factor without cost. Anything that’s free causes side effects — we consider paying the bill than getting charged on positivity.

Somebody… I’ve heard so much about your adventurous thoughts that I never wanted to miss this opportunity to meet you.

Dr Nobody… You don’t seem short on an adventure, too. Why are we sitting in a candle night reunion? It looks like you control the church’s candlelight supply. Are you in the wax business trying to consume the maximum out of your business?

Somebody… No, no, I’m super sensitive to light.

Dr Nobody… Have you examined the lights after smearing with sunscreen lotion that should not be harmful to you?

Somebody… Our conversations will go on; let’s see who is more eager to come across you.

Hairy Poppins, Hairy Poppins, Hairy Poppins

Somebody… I hope he’s not stuck in the chase game.

Dr Nobody… Chase Game???

Somebody… Due to the candlelight, Hairy Poppins keeps busy playing shadow games with his tail, ears, & penis.

Dr Nobody… Oh, that’s my favorite, one of the most creative games, not a palate bud in everyone’s mouth. I hook up a white curtain; dancing naked with different stretches behind; you end up scoring on the entire animal kingdom right from a baboon ballerina to the rapper lion.

If you don’t mind, I would like to join him in this caper.

Somebody… Yes, you ripped the words from my mouth. It’s better if you & Hairy Poppins become accustomed to each other. You can seize the flight of the steps which accidentally go up & down.

Dr Nobody… Oh! I have invariably seen stairs rise, and unfortunately, with the same, you descend.

Somebody… I had specified to the architect on having one way transfer arrangement where the person doesn’t require to come down.

Dr Nobody… Then how would anybody come down by flying or swinging a rope Tarzan style or trying to jump as a flop film action hero who goes down with all broken bones?

You are no less than an entertainer.

Dr Nobody… Hairy Poppins, I’m your vet; come to catch you wet, come to me, my pet.

He raised his hand to play shadowy games with Hairy Poppins.


Viewing Dr Nobody hand, Hairy Poppins hid below the layer. All the same, Dr Nobody was waiting below before; he hauled out his false teeth & tossed them in the air. He hollowed out his gums and sucked all the blood, and then jumped out the window in a Hairy Poppins outfit. Screening for his tribal buddies.

Moral: The ghost stories are outdated; don’t follow movie flicks; they make a sucker out of you. The newer version has started the automatic inbuilt left & right elephant Tuskers removed, no additional burden for sucking blood. The light makes them joyful, don’t wait until nightfall, consistently be afraid. Moreover, they enjoy dancing like you naked.



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