Diya Saini
A Wonder Woman steers The Wicked Humor Monopolize Publication on Balls of Humor. Additionally, Juggle with a pirate eye patch as an Editor of Be Open.

New New New

A new publication not to fade, merely to shine, dazzling readers, writers with them. Who believes in humor as an antidote to all things in the world?

We welcome new writers on board with humorous balls, however, we will accept unpublished work. We are allergic to articles endorsed with depression, sob stories & making women feel like a sorry figure.

We take over stories that spread laughter, smiles & sex.

We maintain the waiting period on publishing your article to a minimum as we understand desperation causes depression.

Please add yourself in the comment section to be appended as a writer.


Chief Editor

Diya Saini

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We proudly announce exclusively a page dedicated to Humor Cartoons

Staggering Spotlight On Comic Striptease

Further on, we take the initiative to share Humor Podcasts on our platform, giving you a chance to shine and rise with us.

Blissful Drowning Bubbling Humor Podcasts

It’s merely the start of a person coming back from a mental asylum who can have endless ideas. Take a step closer to innovation with our publication.

The Momentous Publication

Latin America

Our Spinning World

New spot for Treasure Hunt

Peru’s chief of staff stashed $20,000 in palace bathroom

The prosecutors raided the palace on Friday as part of an investigation into allegations of influence peddling.

Bruno Pacheco, who resigned from his post as President Pedro Castillo’s chief of staff on Friday, told investigators that the money was his but…


Our Spinning World

An Open Opener For The Worlds Prime Minister

Ethiopia PM seen in combat gear after vowing to fight

The Ethiopian government has announced new restrictions on reporting the war, in which Tigrayan rebels are said to be continuing their advance towards the capital.

In a warning to news outlets and social media users, it has banned the reporting…

Diya Saini

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