Truth or Dare

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The whole thing is said and done. Writing about yourself is the most challenging job in the world. Few things I can confidently be outspoken about me in a crash course. I can beat any alarm clock in the world, I’m allergic to Mathematics & I have the worst handwriting in the world.

For the rest of my narration, I want to feed a few people a chance to vent out as I don’t want to end up boasting about myself.

Mother: She was born in Libya, Tripoli. At Ramzan’s time, except for one nurse, the rest had left me…


Oprah Winfrey

The woman who has legally wrecked all the celebrities is sitting with me to get busted.

Instead of pinching myself to determine your reality factor, Oprah, I want to leave red ants on you. Your ouch ringing in between our conversations will make me believe in its genuineness of your being so nigh to me.

🤖 — No, Diya, instead, I will stand up every five minutes and hit you with my foot.
🃏 — Your wish is my command, whatever you feel comfy too. You are our guest of honor for the night.

Welcome to 📣 Diya’s Chatter Show 🧨

🃏 — The most controversial…

Upside Down World News

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Background Music

Sometimes it’s like music teaches my brain how to circulate, how to be so peaceful. The slowly changing tone touches various parts, a kind of auditory massage for my mind. It is an invitation for slowness and to feel the presence of myself, the ever-patient version of me, which finds me surprised something like that exists in me.

Each time I think I need a body massage, instead of diving into my pet Oreo, the Boxer, I listen to this song.

The lyrics swim through my brain cortex like a waking dream, the notes relaxing me, allowing…


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My Mind, Brain and Soul
I believe they pass to the viola
When I passed away to sleep.

Weaving, breaching and knotting
My dreams
Where some hold making sense.
The others I strive to earn sense.
In the end, of all the muddiness
I owned plenty of puzzles left.

The fun part is that they’re very short-lived.
Some blow withered by morning.
Some whitewashed the following day.
Some are dry cleaned within one week.

By and large, we left with the skeletons of our dreams.
Perhaps with an identifiable face or state of mind.
Maybe it’s a felony or an illusion.
Perhaps it…


Happy Friendship Day

The Hardy Manor seemed to be offbeat from a bubble machine placed at the entrance on which Whisker the cat seemed busy blowing, hitting and attacking — practising her mouse attack drill endlessly.

The ones who escaped Whiskers attack floated in the gentle wind, and balloons drifted around aimlessly on the floor among the discarded wrapping papers. Multi-colored flags went draped haphazardly.

A monstrous cake covered in thick white icing and adorned with tiny pink roses sat in the middle of the table, surrounded by brightly colored bowls filled with food. …

Misdirected, Errorly Produced & Awkwardly Written

Star Cast — Jennifer Aka Baby, Patrick Aka Honey Boy

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I’ve had the time of my life
No, I never felt this way before
Yes, I swear, it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you

The end of this song makes us dive into the extension of this flick. At the same time, everyone was still busy cradling and riding to the beat. Baby & Honey Boy got out of the room like shooting stars. When they, at last, got solitude, Honey Boy looked down on his flyer, saw the cannon raised. Baby, too, saw but denoted ignored and awaited his erotic move. …


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When I entered my room, something provoked me.
Was that my imagination?

Something tricked me into my open window.
Was it the birdsong?
Was it the wind that made the trees smile?
Were the binoculars by my window taking their last breath?
Quoting, ‘Use me before you run out of me on your list’.

Either way, I felt magnetized at my windows.
I raised my binoculars to search for something which even
I was not sure as well.

I scanned with my binoculars on the tower
Playing sun and shadow in the sun.

My four eyes caught a purring cat…


String 4

What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

Talking to yourself, killing ants and digging through your nose will never melt in time.

Robinson Crusoe, my inspiration, beckons me on this as he has experienced doing non-stop for 28 years.

He’s always got the upper hand on my brain. How did he end up living on an island for 28 years? It’s no jest. Let’s set out this straight an island is similar to a washroom.

Can you remain trapped in the toilet for 28 days? As years a distant dream? The most rational thing to allege.

Entire 28 years, he went 12 times to the wrecked ship to look for…

Diya Saini

I'm a rag picker. I make money off people's garbage. I hold out on a roller coaster or I would have missed knowing myself. That my inner compass is faulty.

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